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How Do I Use Blackboard

The online learning environment (OLE) used by CGA is called Blackboard. You can access Blackboard only if you are currently enrolled in a CGA online course or CGA national exam.

Your Blackboard profile will be established within 5-7 business days after you register and pay for your CGA course.

To learn how to log-in to Blackboard, use the Blackboard OLE System and know what you can expect in your online CGA course, CGA Alberta has created the Online Course Guide.

Your Blackboard log-in credentials are not the same as your My CGA log-in credentials. Please be sure to review the Online Course Guide above to find out what your Blackboard log-in credentials will be.

Log-in to Blackboard

NOTE: Laurentian University students no longer use the Blackboard OLE for their courses. Go to for more information on the new online delivery system, instructions and support services.


Required Software & Minimum Computer Requirements


The Blackboard OLE System is not compatible with all operating systems. Students within the CGA Program of Professional Studies must be running the required operating system and software applications as shown on the CGA Canada Website.


To access this information and review the requirements listed please click on the link below:


CGA Canada updates this information on a regular basis. Please be sure to check this information at the beginning of each course in case changes or updates have been made.


*Please Note: Some content/objects within Blackboard are not compatible with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 when used together - I.E. if you start IE10 from the tile on Windows’ new Start Screen (rather than the Desktop) then the content/objects may not work. If you start IE10 from the Windows Desktop then they will work.